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I am a professional educator who has been working in Montessori schools for over 20 years. I have experience working with young children in both Canada and the United States. My commitment to developing the minds of young children began as a teenager, when I babysat a neighbouring child with special needs. As I played games with the child, I recognized that he had a unique vision of the world and learned to communicate with him using articulated gestures and simplified vocabulary. When I adapted myself to his needs, instead of trying to force him to fit into a structure he couldn’t comprehend, I was better able engage him. This experience taught me that all children have unique capacities and modes of communication. I figured out early that I wanted to work with children and help them reach their fullest potential.

I went on to receive my BS in Early Childhood Education at Steinhardt college at the New York University. There I took a course that inspired me to further research Montessori education practices. This lead me to Canada, where I received her Diploma in Montessori Early Education from the Montessori Teachers College. I began my career as an educator at the Forest Hill Montessori School where I was awarded the opportunity to put my education to practice. I continued my education at McGill University, where I received my Masters in Teaching and Learning. My major thesis was entitled, “Self-Efficacy in Education: Thematic Learning in the Classroom.” I returned back to my home in New York to complete my PhD in Teaching in Education. There I focused my research on methods to identify and meet the needs of students on an individualistic level. My final thesis was entitled, “Empowering Adolescents: An Integrated Approach to Engaging the Student’s Community in Education.”

I have focused my teaching practice around the principles of a Montessori education. This educational model was developed by an Italian educator named Maria Montessori in 1897. A Montessori educational model is characterized by its emphasis on independence, for allowing freedom within limits, and a guided respect for the natural development of child’s psychological, physical, and social states of being. The classrooms are frequently mixed in age, where students have the opportunity to choose activities rather than having them forced upon them, concepts are taught with practical applications instead of direct instruction, and students are free to move within a classroom instead of being restricted to a prescribed desk.

I inherited the Montessori School of Castle Rock from my grandmother, where I work as a primary educator. Here, I am committed to engaging faculty, students, and parents in fostering an educational environment that meets the needs of each individual. I keep meticulous progress reports and sit down regularly with my students to ensure their strengths are being cultivated and their challenges identified and overcome. I truly believe that in every student there is a special gift, and it is my job to help them develop it.

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